Thundering Boltstrike
Thundering Boltstrike
Species Thundering Boltstrike
Class Strike
Trainability Yes
Basic Info
Size Large
Wingspan Large
Fire Power Electrically-charged plasma
Shot-Limit 8
Special Ability Eyes that glow like lanterns and can see in pitch black darkness
The Thundering Boltstrike is a Strike Class dragon that lives in the dark forests of Midnight Isle.


This dragon looks very similar to both a Skrill and a Night Fury and is often confused for a hybrid of the two. It has a row of spikes like those of a Skrill. However, it has five spines that seem to form some sort of "crest" on this dragons head.


This dragon is extremely dangerous, as it is very intelligent. It can also find its way in the pitch black forests of Midnight Isle, thanks to its special eyes. However, while this dragon may be as violent as a Skrill when found, it is as secretive as a Night Fury, making it hard to find, especially in the darkness of its forest home. To help it find its prey, it follows the danger signals of Frilled Flamegliders, as a Frilled Flameglider is usually over a colony of animals or dragons that are prey for the Thundering Boltstrike. They usually hunt alone, though some, such as Shockfire and Darksight, hunt in packs, though this only happens in rare cases.


This dragon's eyes glow like lanterns, enabling it to see in pitch black darkness. This ability is especially useful in its forest home, as it can see its prey, but its prey can't see it. It breathes plasma, like a Night Fury, but it is electrically charged, like a Skrill.


The only known weakness of the Thundering Boltstike is the smoke-breath of the Terrorblast. This smoke forms "wisp-dragons" that fly into the face of the attacker to scare them off. Due to the Thundering Boltstike's ability to see in pitch blackness, the "wisp-dragons" are brighter and clearer than normal and, as such, drive the dragon away.

Known Thundering Boltstrikes


  • This dragon is actually concept art for Toothless.

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