Tigerstripe Katchi is a Dragon Rider and a resident of Bleeding. She is the rider of the dragon named Nightmare Catcher.


Tigerstripe is a darker charater. She has a dark intesity to her that gives everyone else near her uncomfterble. As a child, her dad was a criminal who stole a lot of stuff and vandalized. When they followed the clues to their home, he blamed her mother and she went to jail. So Tigerstripe grew up with her dad and little sister Spotty Katchi.

There are some rumors about Tigerstripe. One is about her being a satist and a prostitute. But the people who know her well know she'd never do that. She is friends with Bluestar Ngome, Wolfface Jian Heixing, and Telav Tibaabi. Out of them, she was the first to become interested in dragon riding.


She has black hair that goes down to the bottom of her ribs. Her eyes are lime green, and she has a scratch-shaped scar over the right eye, like Scar from the Lion King. Normally she wears a black jacket and cowskin pants. She has tattoos up her left arm, from her elbow to her sholder. Her ethnicity is asian and native alaskian mix.

Appearences in Fanfiction

Tigerstripe hasn't appeared in any fanons.

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