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Well I am a relatively new member of the HTTYD Fanon Community; I am (2142)Gen.Reaper(The Gen. is short for General), I am also known as (2142)President Reaper{FuG} on Steam, BBarnes005, and sometimes just Reaper.

I was introduced to HTTYD when the first trailers start coming out and I was bit skeptical of it at first in till I saw the movie in 3D at the local Wehrenberg theater with my youngest sister, while my second oldest sister and my parents went to see the movie Kickass. I actually enjoyed it...I have sadly though have never read the original book series by Cressida Cowell.

For Short Stories, I have had some experience in the past before HTTYD(The movie) was even announced making a series of short stories for a mod for Command and Conquer: Generals - Zero Hour, Global Crisis by Abra that I started in the June of 2008 and is still actually going...3 years later. You can still see the Short Story here.

I also made a failed attempt at a GMOD Comic...but I never had the time to make it and I had to reformat my computer due to a strange error that caused my computer to permanently lose connection to the internet, and luckily the reformat fixed the error.

I have always been a fan of the theory of the existence of "Alternate Dimensions" or Universes similar to ours, but with either minor or major differences, like different histories. 

My Completed Works

The Gene Corp Wars(HTTYD Fanfiction Series) 

The Dragon Riders of Berk team up with the United States led by the American People's Party and it's allies in the Coalition to defeat Gene Corp and it's allies.

The Gene Corp War

The Gene Corp War: Aftermath

The Archipelago Wars

The Great War

The Gene Corp Wars: The Great War - Act One 

The Human-Combine Wars: Book One - Escalation 

A AU of the Half-Life Universe featuring a all-out multidimensional between two factions of humanity, the Alliance and the Pact and the Combine that engulfs not the Half-Life Universe, but the ones of Team Fortress 2, Portal, Empires(Half-Life 2 Mod), the Earth Empire, Isotx Verse, and the Coalition Verse.

The Human-Combine Wars: The Nucleus Project 

A New Era(Second HTTYD Fanfiction Series)

The Isle of Berk and all the dragons in the HTTYD Universe are teleported by a mysterious being to an alternate reality where they must help a struggling American People's Party reunite and rebuild a United States of America shattered by political and economic strife and the struggles that follow, eventually escalating into a global conflict unlike any other seen.

Works in Progress 

The Defenders of Cape Girardeau

Coming Soon/Possible Future Works: 

The Struggle of Nations - HTTYD/KFP Crossover that is currently in early concept stage. 

World War - Sequel trilogy to the Gene Corp Wars. Possibly a HTTYD/KFP Crossover. 

The Gene Corp Wars: The Great War - Act Two - Second Part of The Great War and conclusion of The Gene Corp Wars.  


The Human-Combine Wars On hold until further notice. 

Untitled Army Men FanFiction - Cancelled, Could not figure out a good storyline 

Garry's Mod Artwork(Ragdoll poses) 

Deviant Art Profile 

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