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Well I am a relatively new member of the HTTYD Fanon Community; I am (2142)Gen.Reaper(The Gen. is short for General), I am also known as (2142)President Reaper{FuG} on Steam, BBarnes005, and sometimes just Reaper.

I was introduced to HTTYD when the first trailers start coming out and I was bit skeptical of it at first in till I saw the movie in 3D at the local Wehrenberg theater with my youngest sister, while my second oldest sister and my parents went to see the movie Kickass. I actually enjoyed it...I have sadly though have never read the original book series by Cressida Cowell.

For Short Stories, I have had some experience in the past before HTTYD(The movie) was even announced making a series of short stories for a mod for Command and Conquer: Generals - Zero Hour, Global Crisis by Abra that I started in the June of 2008 and is still actually going...3 years later. You can still see the Short Story here.

I also made a failed attempt at a GMOD Comic...but I never had the time to make it and I had to reformat my computer due to a strange error that caused my computer to permanently lose connection to the internet, and luckily the reformat fixed the error.

I have always been a fan of the theory of the existence of "Alternate Dimensions" or Universes similar to ours, but with either minor or major differences, like different histories. 

My Completed Works: Edit

The Gene Corp War

The Gene Corp War: Aftermath

The Human-Combine Wars: Book One - Escalation Edit

The Human-Combine Wars: The Nucleus Project

The Human-Combine Wars: The Rise of the Commonwealth

Works in Progress Edit

The Archipelago Wars

Coming Soon/Possible Future Works: Edit

The Struggle of Nations - HTTYD Fan Fiction that is a crossover with a improved version of the Isotx Verse that I preivously introduced in the Human-Combine Wars.

The Human-Combine Wars: Book II - The Commonwealth's War


The Human-Combine Wars: The War - Discontinued due to lack of attention, will eventually be taken down and completely revamped 

Untitled Army Men FanFiction - Cancelled, Could not figure out a good storyline 

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Deviant Art Profile 

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