Hey, guys!

SpazzyFox here!

Now that I've been writing The Dragon Pack for a while, I've decided to make some changes.

In the beginning of the article/fan-fiction/whateveryawannacallit, it has a section on the characters. Whenever I look back to it, it reminds me that I have to put in the characters I've listed in there. So, I'm going to delete that part of the section. And, plus, it doesn't spoil the story for ya~ :) And, there's a female Skullion named "Fang", and I've already got a Saber-Toothed Driver Dragoness in my story named Fang... Whoops. So, here's the point of the blog:

I want YOU to post a comment on this blog or on The Dragon Pack having information of a dragon you want me to put in a story. Fan-made or real, I don't care. Any breeds are welcome; I'll find a way to squeeze them in! No like, all-powerful dragons or anything like that. That would be.... annoying. No invincibility, either. Here's the form:


  • Nickname(s):


  • Age:




Just copy and paste, fill out, and put it in a comment!

Thanks for reading!

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