Hiccup and Astrid flying


is a book released in 2012 by cresida cowell named after the book of the same name in the book series, and styled (and based) on the dragon manual in the movie adaption by writing in coloured ink.

and now the exciting bit........


the dragons featured within the pages of this guide are dangerous and must be trained with skilled techniques.

you have been warned......... greetings hiccup horrendous haddock the third

DRAGON CLASSES- STRENGTH CLASS- big tough generally dopey creatures, use their strength and stupidity against them. , FEAR CLASS- fast and agile with various terrifying weaponry, from deadly projectile tail spikes to infamously painful poison sting these buggers are nasty opponents. ,MISCHIEF CLASS- ranging from big to small to really, really big. they like a bit of worryingly dangerous pranking to entertain themselves. , MYSTERY CLASS- strange rarely seen dragons difficult to pigeon-hole.

let's start with the basics.......



SIZE- pretty big 10-12 METRES LONG 5

ATTACK- mild physical strength 4

WEAPONS/ABILITIES- fangs,claws,fire oh and deadly projectile tail spikes 6

SPEED- fast,agile and light on their feet 7

RADAR- some in small amounts 3

DESCRIPTION - it takes some guts to tame one of these fiends with lethal weaponry and deadly spped not exactly the kind of animal you want to meet out in the woods by yourself!



SIZE- Very... Medium. UP to 9 or 10 feet long.

ATTACK- Very strong, mostly uses it stinkyness.

SPEED- Slow, 1/2 a mile an hour for some.


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